Step 1

Jordan Driving School requires a signed Parent Release Form before releasing the student's file to GPS Driving School.  We have this form and will email it to you when you enroll.

Step 2

Upon receipt of the Parent Release Form from the parent, we will mail an official request for the student's records to Jordan Driving School.  Jordan Driving School may take up to 2 weeks to mail the student's file to us.

Step 3

The documents we receive from Jordan Driving School will be an original Certificate of Completion for the 30 hour class and a Restricted Instruction Permit.  

Step 4

Upon receipt of the documents listed in Step 3, we will contact the parent and discuss the scheduling of the driving lessons.  Appointments are scheduled when the student and instructor are available.  Lessons begin and end in Clayton, NC.

Step 5

At the first lesson, our instructor will collect a check for $495.00.

Step 6

Upon completion of the 3rd lesson, our instructor will provide the student with the following:  (1) Certificate of Completion of classroom signed by a Jordan Driving School representative and (2) Certificate of Completion of 6 hours driving signed by a GPS Driving School instructor.  

Step 7:

With the 2 forms listed in Step 6, student and parent will visit their high school front office and request a Certificate of Eligibility.

Step 8:

With the 3 forms listed in steps 6 and 7 plus an original birth certificate, and Social Security card, the student is ready to visit any North Carolina DMV driver's license office to apply for a Learner's Permit.  Provided the student passes a 25 question written exam, an oral sign test, and vision screening, the student will be awarded an NC Level I - Learner's Permit.

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